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  • A successful Entrepreneur

  • An owner of health and beauty products in retail stores in malls and supermarkets

  • An owner of several properties for rent

  • A successful Network Marketing Distributor

  • A Visionary Leader


My Story

Hi! My name is Wilson Elumba and I would like to share my story.
Because my parents were farmers, I came from a very poor family. 
As I was growing up, I attended school even though I do not have enough money, I was the type of kid who was happy receiving a grade of (pasang awa) 75 just so I can pass. I am proud to be the first person in the family that was able to finish school. I am a graduate of BS Marine Engineering at the  Southern Iloilo Polytechnic College, Miagao, Iloilo. I was not the type of kid who was always at the top of the classes but I have always dreamed about cutting the curse of poverty in the family. I dreamed of helping my parents and giving them a good life. I hated the idea of being poor for the rest of my life. So, with the 500 pesos left in my pocket and few clothes, I made up my mind and find my luck in Manila and tried different jobs. I started working from being a Janitor, a factory worker, and a mechanical engineer in a Cigarette Factory. Until I found out about the opportunity in the Network Marketing or Multilevel Marketing Industry and learned so many lessons in 6years me being involved in the industry, about commitment, perseverance, self-reliance, working hard, people skills, and communications, and to never give up on your dreams no matter what happened, with faith that the Father would guide me for what my hearts desire.


That experience, finally, gave me more courage to be able to put up my own Businesses, that are currently healthily operating. With all the success I was able to experience, what I want now is to share the same success formula I discovered with people looking for a change or a chance to achieve what might be their heart's desire and are driven by the passion to succeed. I was helped by the Almighty, and I believe that he will continue helping me in serving my purpose and helping people with this business. They say that in order to be successful, you need to go through the tiny hole of a needle. Now, I want to make that hole bigger and make it easier for people to achieve success. I challenge everyone, those with big dreams and passion, to believe that they can. If I was able to do it, then you will be able to do it too, but better!

My name is Wilson Elumba, and this is my story. Thank you very much!

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Our Mission

To provide every home with quality products at affordable prices 


Our Vision

To turn ordinary people into millionaires 

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